Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I've heard a lot about aprons lately from here there and everywhere. Somerset publications, Mary Jane Farmgirls, at craft shows, we even hosted an apron swap online. Sometimes as a stay at home mom, who homeschools, I feel that the society usually demeans traditional mothering and nurturing. It's almost pointless to say you stay at home, you already know the reaction you will get. Not everywhere, not everyone, but I have, over the years learned when to steady myself and lift my chin...so to speak. Now there is this shift, toward aprons, I am seeing everywhere and I think it is a symbol. An important one, after generations of searching for the next new thing, the more modern thing, maybe we are coming around the other side of the circle again. Maybe Less IS More, "for real", as my son says, and maybe the new modern thing is nurture and tradition. If so, I say count me in---to the latest fad.
PS this apron was handmade, handdyed and embroidered by our friend Susie, for Blessings bday. Link up, Susie!!

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