Thursday, March 5, 2009

love projects

I am just done writing a book.
The idea is a book of 50 projects to
inspire people to love people more.
To put the message out to the world
that God is real. That the people who
who love Jesus, also love people.
Does this sound familiar?
"they will know you are Christians
by your love?" It should. Jesus said it
to his followers.
Christians are labeled by our present
media as fanatics, ignorant, uneducated,
superstitious, racist- you
fill in the blank.
What I am saying, with my book is
I am not even going to argue with you.
(Media, presumed worldview)
I am going to prove you are wrong...
with my love.
Okay, here is the complicated part.
These projects
are for the most part annonymous.
Or if you do a project where your identity
is known, it is in such a way as not to
collect the credit for yourself. Let me
explain why,
We are asked to shine like the stars in
the universe. If that seems like a huge
undertaking, don't be surprised. We are
not asked to shine by our friends, or our
family, or our educational organizations,
all they ask for is that we "find ourselves,
do our best, learn tolerance".
Only a God who is holy would ask his followers
to shine like a star,So that we "Find Him, do better than
we ever thought possible-thru Him, and
Learn LOVE. "
Love is the only REAL tolerance.
I am now looking for a publisher.

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