Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Permission List

Thinking that as a momma, there are many things that I do not give myself permission to do. I know that moms are similar, and I think that other art mommas might not need a list of the things that I end up crossing off my list of allowables at this point in my life. So, to turn over a new leaf, a LEAF of happiness and fun...this is my new list of allowables.

I hereby give myself permission for these things.
Official List, no Guilt Allowed

1. Make official time for art

2. Have a private office

3. Say no

4. Buy music I like

5. kill tent caterpillars without feeling bad for them

6. Eat good chocolate

7. Go on trips

8. Think

9. Not have to justify everything that I do

10. Be less than perfect

11. Watch tadpoles

12. Call people I like on the phone, for no reason, just to say hi

13. Breathe deeply


  1. Good for you! I love the "kill tent caterpillars and not feel bad for them one"! I need to give myself permission for that too :)

    But seriously, Yes. I think we all become mothers and feel as if our needs can wait or whatever but I am learning that I can be a better mommy when I life fully myself and care for my heart and body as well as my childrens.

    -Christian (Abell)

  2. AMEN! I used to go least once a year, and maybe another weekend besides. Susie~