Saturday, September 26, 2009

vintage star quilt

Last WART day I ended up with this, even after the normal studio time was over. Sometimes it is not long enough and my art juice just really gets flowing . Or should I say over flowing?? This is a quilt I made from antique book pages, they were so thin they felt like a Bible. They were sewn together, then I attached the star, which was my frosting from the vintage auction that I went to two weeks ago. The star was already "tea stained", Then I added vintage fabrics, some ribbon trim and an old buisiness card. I knew it needed one more thing, and I knew what that was, but sometimes it's hard to say goodby to your best stash items.
THE button.... THE button has had many lives, but all of them temporary, now it is permanently attached to the star quilt. I will miss it, but it is in a better place.
I was hoping the whole thing would be like a stained glass window-looking thing. The bottom photo is a detail of THE BUTTON.

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