Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This one had such a pretty pink in the background, I had to put it on here even though it's a bit fuzzy. I never fix my photos, or adjust them with any program. They are "as- is" on this blog. In college, my painting professor taught that when you paint you are representing your thoughts about your subject, not trying to make it look as realistic as possible, not trying to take a painting and make it look like a photo.
I have applied this to all my art, and I truly believe that is the difference between being an artist, or being a reporter. I might not show you a portrait of my farm that could be published in a country magazine, but it is my farm, the way I see it, and so I show it to you raw, the same way that it takes my breath away. That is the only way it will become real to you, THAT IS ART.

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