Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Secret Operative year 1

Me placing a doll

Me freezing down the street incognito! I was
acting confidant and normal but inside I
was busting with a huge, (frozen) smile.

The doll plant was successful and very, very fun!! I am going to ask for better weather for next year. The wind chill was terrible and my face froze! I couldn't take off my gloves and so I was a little fumbly and not as quick as a secret art momma should be. It worked out right in the end,
with all the dolls gone before night fall.
Next year I will try to hide somewhere and watch them found!!!! Only if I get my wish for the temperatures!
The photos are a bit fuzzy from all the snow, and my parter took them from the car so as not to draw attention! was fun. Something given back, in a randow anonymous way, maybe the world will be thrown out of balance and evil will be beaten back and the new year will come in in a wonderful peaceful way. You never know.

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  1. How fun! Such a sweet act of kindness! It would definitely be great to hide and watch them found!