Saturday, December 12, 2009


Did it ever seem like when you get the creative surge that it spins you in too many directions and maybe not many of them get done? I realized this unproductive habit some years back, and I tried to redirect myself when I can tell this is happening. This works well, and with the help of my sister and the steady W.A.R.T. schedule we were on lots of projects were done. The only problem has been...flexibility. When a new idea hits, instead of building on that momentum, I file it. As I am such a visual person, then I lose it. The idea, the creative impetus, could both be gone. So, where is the balance. What an important word. I am finding that the blog helps, it is kind of an online journal, and a great "List" keeper.
Here is my current project list, and status

Gypsy Cart-Status, floor done and rafters made, stuff for the finished cart starting to fill my closet.
click here for a similar photo of what it will look like

Doll "Plant"- (for Christmas I am planting all of my unsold dolls at a playground)
Need to set a date, was going today but was cancelled due to bad, bad mood.

Dress for Beckah's chorus concert-status, almost done, need to pick up zipper, keep forgetting it.
this turned into matching skirts for 4 of the girls and I have one almost done.

2 Secret Christmas projects- status, ALL over my bedroom/studio

Hawkeye Brownie Camera photos-status, I have one good one, spent two rolls of adapted film trying to figure out the camera, only to find that just the first photo I took came out. I love it though, it looks like it was taken 30 or so years ago, but I just took it!!!!!!!!!! Instant Vintage. I will post it on here someday.
click here to read about the Brownie camera adaption to 35mm film.

Book Quilts-status, just finished the third, which I absolutely flew through making. One of those everything went right days. Click here to see the other two on Etsey

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