Monday, September 27, 2010

the Nothing post

I love these, my favorite artists, a painter, used loads of them in her work. Then I found out that a man that lives in the same area that I live in actually grows these, from seed that was given to him by my favorite artist! So, what did I do? I looked him up in the phone book. No, not the one on the computer, I used the old fashioned one actually, and he was LISTED! His address and all. SOOOOOO,.... guess what I did? Nothing. I could have called and asked to see his beautiful flowers, and snapped photos of them and then painted them and become the next Georgia. Or, I could have just begged a few seeds, and grown them myself for the rest of my life and said to everyone who saw my beautiful flowers the story of how they came to be mine, how I just looked in the phone book...address and all! But, I did nothing. I have done nothing so many times, I am so afraid of disappointment. Is it too much disappointment, and I am protecting myself because I would shrivel up? HMM!? I was thinking of listing a few of the other stupid things I have let just pass me by, instead of following my dreams, but it's too long. "I have followed a couple of my dreams," ----I think I am deciding that as far as life mottos go, that one stinks. I am very, very blessed, don't get me wrong. But now I need to see what life looks like from a more unafraid and less-aware-of-disappointment-place. I am going to go there right now.
bye bye, Nothing.

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