Sunday, October 17, 2010

Olana...and the seeds of dreams

Yesterday my daughter and I lived a dream I have had since I was 10 years old...
Ready for a big long story? here goes,
I was on a special trip with my aunt, and we were near the Hudson River, all of our activities were planned and my little sister had made extra excitment for us with becoming carsick. As we were driving to wherever we needed to be we saw what seemed like a castle pop out of nowhere, along the edge of the Hudson River. I looked at my aunt, she looked at me, and we both said, "let's go!" At that age I had never experienced a more adventurous spirit in an adult, my parents are both perscription adults, my mom cooks with recipes, my dad lives by his schedule. I felt so free in that one moment! We took a quick left turn and after winding up a huge hill at the top of a mountain, we came face to face with Olana. Little did I know, we were already connected, but that day it didn't matter one bit. We were too late! Unbelievably, the last tour of the house had just shown, and we were there only for the locking of the beautiful door, and a glimpse of the heartrenching view. We were so completely find the castle of your dreams on top of the world and arrive as they are locking it...this is what it felt like to a 10 year old. I barely remember hearing my aunts words as she tried to make up for the huge disappointment, something like, "someday...or maybe it was, another day?"
I can't remember for sure. The only thing I know is that I never left that castle in my mind, it lived in my dreams. I found out later that an artist whose paintings I had admired was the designer and builder of the castle. Fredrick Church. Of the Hudson River School. His landscapes were dreamy and etheral for a 10 year old, they were the land that my unicorns lived in, and someday I wanted to paint just like him.
Today I cannot paint anything like Mr. Church, but that really does not matter, what matters is, that I made it. I made it in, 26 years later, I called my lovely hubby from the steps of Olana and said, "I am on the doorstep and I have a ticket TO GO IN!!!!" With my beautiful daughter, who is more wonderful than any painting, we toured the house and admired the views until we were so full in spirit that we could not imagine a better day.
Except... to be able to tour the upstairs of the house. My girl was so upset, reminding me very much of someone from 26 years ago. I only hope she heard me when I said "someday...maybe another day", because those words are the seeds of dreams in the ears of those who are willing to hear them and not forget.
always leave something to look forward to

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  1. How beautiful...and what a wonderful story! It amazes me how those magic moments of our youth can remain so fresh and filled with promise over so many decades! It gives me a strong hope that those moments could come true for others.

    I miss my Whitmore's TERRIBLY!!! I can't wait for a craft night sitting chatting and stitching... Love you all...SO much!