Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vision art retreat, 2011

 This is the ephmera that I added for the art kit, each one had similar elements, but of course different colors, letters, etc.
 Fun Day, Fun Day, when I spent it stuffing each art kit for the retreat.
 Joy working on the record-photo frame, everyone she makes is amazing.
 Sara and Nicole, both were very focused!  Can you believe that pile of chocolate just sat next to them? It really did, most of it is still here.  (YES, you can come over, but make it soon, cuz the children in this house are chocolate lovers)
This is Sara, finishing her lamp.

I am so happy to have spent yesterday with 4 great friends.  We chatted, listened to relaxing music, ate and most importantly, we made art.  I didn't take too many pictures, because I didn't want to make  people feel funny while they were arting, but here are a few.
I have been really wanting to attend an art retreat for a long time, but it has not worked out.  So...if you can't get to one, just have one, I guess.  Very nice day.

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