Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Some neglected sweets

 Organic hemp/silk blend skin and stuffed with our sheepswool.
These are next on my W.ART. list, after the awards, of course.  I can't wait to spend the studio time brainstorming with Joy about what to call the awards this year, and of course the time we take making chocolate will be very worthy also.  For some reason I just can't make myself finish these dolls, I am stuck on the make-one at a time habit, and anything made "production style" even just 5 at a time sort of steals my inspiration.  So, I am focusing on the great materials and looking for fabric and pushing away all the other projects that want to crowd ahead.  It is hard to do, especially with the kit that came with my first "Molly Makes" issue, but I am not going to give in...go ahead and ask me next time, how are my neglected sweets?

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