Wednesday, July 20, 2011


 This is me, nesting.

  I made a blanket for the new baby, who should be here soon.  I am calling it "granny chic" style, inspired by Dottie Angel.  She and I both pick projects that use "granny-made," (or granny-used) items, I think hankies count.   This blanket started out as a pice of brown ticking fabric, I surrounded it with halves of old hankies, gave that a bright border, stuffed it with our wool roving, and backed it with the pink bird fabric. (which I LOVE)  This is the first time I have used our wool in a blanket and I was anxious that it would be a) difficult and/or b) work horribly and mess up my whole plan.  I was very happily surprised that the wool stuffed easily into the blanket, stayed where I wanted it and then it all sewed together as fast as I could keep up with my new sewing machine!  Yay!  Now my little birdie can fly in any time.

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