Friday, December 2, 2011

Part B, where it lead me!

This is where it lead me, none of these came out as the perfect print, but it was good practise and a few of them came out nice enough to make me feel like I am getting back in practise!  I guess that this single one is my favorite.

I saw a fox go across the road, he ran right in front of my car.  I was driving slowly, so I think he felt he had time to show off as he jumped from the road, over the ditch and into a field.  He certainly impressed me, I couldn't get the graceful curl of his huge tail out of my head! I was glad that this show off lived far away from my chickens!!  That night my journal entry was a pen and ink of my fox, and then a print appeared, and in the print the fox was blue.  I didn't realize then, gypsy cart blue.  And that is where musing on the gypsy cart led, so far