Friday, March 16, 2012

Springtime and the artsy fartsy family

Unschoolers Rock!!! She wishes she could also type her literature paper ON the book she is reading in the tree, but the cord isn't long enough.

Nice relaxing baths, for Momma, hmm, I think i need another one.

Here are most of us, visiting the Ithaca Childrens Garden

Nice view in the sod house at the same garden.

The new fridge, was a hand me down and yellowed, (uuck), so I painted it purple, and my neice and nephew were sweet enough to zen-doodle with me one night.  My nephew is very good at sunbursts. (I copied him.) 

Pillow making time in the studio tomorrow, then they will be posted on the Etsy this week, I am seeing more bolsters and springy fabrics.  Can't wait to sew, and while I am at it, the DH is buiding, ta-da, a greenhouse!!!!!  Oh La la, this will be a weekend of photos!

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