Monday, April 30, 2012

Fighting Lymes Disease

the baby and I have Lyme. Okay,

I have accepted that.

actually sleeping, so I had to take pictures of it!
 She is fussy, she doesn't sleep, I am tired, I ache all over.
my lovely
 The thing is, I am not going to lose track of my blessings,
I have so much to be thankful for.
My daughter painted this
 I can't get everything done, so what?  My life is still beautiful.
Artful Blogger moment
Fighting Lyme disease, with gratitude.
This moment I am thankful for;
a husband who does everything he can to show me he loves me,
children who help, love and create,
the verses that jump out every morning, just for me,
fresh living water on a page that soothes me,
a daughter who loves me and runs like the wind on her track team,
homemade soup,
green grass growing in the springtime rain,
a friend who loves nests and loves people,
honeybees making good medicine,
artful bloggers to look at for a quick moment here and there,
a friend who plays oboe and milks dairy cows,
handpicked salad and an almost done greenhouse,
prayer, prayer, prayer

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