Friday, November 23, 2012


Here we are, actually taking your name out of the boot!  Congratulations, Aunt Sallie!  You win the thanksgiving giveaway, a jar of Farmgirl Grease is coming your direction, very soon, I bet!!     
                                                           A princess picked your name.

The little people are out getting out the horses with Daddy, and when they stop by the house, after they are all done with rides, I am going on for the first time in about three years! So thankful to be healthy enough, finally, for a short ride.  I have to admit, I thought it wouldn't happen again. Many, many thoughts of gratitude for healing from the lyme.

We have been busy with fixing cars, winterizing farm and B&B cottage, checking on the sheep and new ram, planning to squeeze out time to make Christmas gifts, and today...I am doing the mending. I had some inspiration from another blogger out there, she sews silly faces and cute monster faces into her childrens patched pant legs.  Guessing that is just what was needed to motivate for the huge pile up in my room of "mending to do". Here we go, "mending"...

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