Sunday, February 24, 2013

The benefits of a homeschool

 We are a family that homeschools because we love our children and want to be around them, not
because we are anti-school, or anti-social.  We started out without much of a reason except that I enjoyed teaching them and they enjoyed staying home, and so we stayed with it.  Now, if you added up all of the things that we love about schooling our children at home, from over the years,
our list is huge.
This photo reminded me of when I read an article written by a homeschool graduate, that really encouraged me to keep going, even on those bad days when you wonder if your children are learning anything at all. 
 This article listed many things that you don't normally consider in acadamia.  Things like, learning how to cook, how to share your parents time with other siblings, learning how to manage the student's own time wisely and sharing their space with siblings,
 ALSO...see photo...being able to study in a distracting environment.  
 This sounded too good to be true, to me, all those years ago, back when our son would get distracted in-between his shoes and his socks, but it was true.  Time played it out for us, as time does with all true things.  I still couldn't believe it when I saw our daughter, who is in college, just reading along anyway, as her sibling colored her textbook with her highlighters. I guess she won't be able to resell this one though!

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