Monday, November 25, 2013

Tooth powder, and remineralization!

Big Smiles.

Looking for answers for yellow looking teeth, and children who are cavity prone, I found help and even hope for reversing cavities. With ingredients that absorb and remove toxins, heavy metals chemicals and impurities, other nourishing ingredients are calcium, magnesium, which many people lack, and silica.


We start off brushing with charcoal which brightened our teeth right away. I bought Activated charcoal in capsules, since it is mostly mess free to open them and pour the Activated charcoal on your WET toothbrush.
We mixed our toothpowder, put it into small jars and WET our toothbrushes again...and the verdict is in,
here are the comments,
"your teeth look really white and clean"
"tastes like mint",
"awesome, it makes your teeth feel clean"
warning: your sink will get messy, and your little people will spend lots of time brushing!
As far as recipes, there are lots of them online, I got mine from an herbal reference book, then tweaked it, with our own mint grown on our farm, which was so fun to powder!
It was pretty easy to find the ingredients that I needed, and I had a lot of fun making it, with my littles.  If you want to order tooth powder we would be happy to do all of that for you.
P.S. Nothing in my posts is meant to identify, diagnose, treat disease or make any sort of health claims about these products. 

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