Monday, December 7, 2009


Alice is trekky meets Anima meets Ma Ingalls. I know she is sweet anyway, though. As soon as she went to her new home I immediately went to the fabric store to stock up on their sale fabric, since I was feeling such a loss at saying goodbye. Now I will be busy sewing dolls, and I have decided to "plant" a few for Christmas. Since no one is buying them anyway, well, only a few people. I finished another book quilt, and I'll post that photo soon. Here are a few tassles I did, from an Idea in the Somerset Home, Volume 4. Pat Berryhill thought of it first. I tried looking for birds, and the auction that I went to had a bunch, but infortunately, while I was at the outside auction, they sold at the inside auction. Then, just as I was getting that, "Now I can't do my project", cranky feeling, these really weird chickens (and one pelican/parrot/can't tell) came up, and of course I bit and the box came home with me and I made them the very next day.
I am thinking of my New Years list, instead of making resolutions I am making myself a permission list. I will probably not ever make a resolution again. I am too grown up for that.

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