Thursday, December 3, 2009

Surrounded by laundry

I am posting today, sitting among piles of laundry to be washed and dryed. The dryer broke a while ago and with our family number (10), even with regular trips to the laundrymat we were going to have to move out and let the dirty clothes have the house soon! Thank God, a friend offered us a dryer that was not in use. Do you know what we would have done during Christmas season if we had to pay full price for a new dryer??? I don't know. Maybe our 3 present policy would have turned into a 1 present policy. This room is now the "LOffice", Laundry, Library, Office.

Here is a nice photo from this fall, I am posting it to remind myself what a blue sky looks like. Today is every shade of grey.

On the project side, nothing has progress on the gypsey cart, lots of discussion, though. I LOVE the planning stage. But, my custom spining has taken off, I just completed my fourth order and have two more possibles.

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