Thursday, January 7, 2010

Childhood WART

Okay, so this week in wart I did a little tribute to honor children. My self as a child and my children and all God's children. We started out altering these blocks, but as everyone else was painting and glueing and taping and sanding, Joy, my sis, mentioned that most of them

used to be OUR blocks. AS IN, not a garage sale find, but the very blocks I teethed on and my sister and I used to fill the middle of our mom's brown braided rug with and then run around like a track and twirl and fall down laughing around. So I found that I couldn't paint them or cover them , I just preserved them in a little hanging. It is wrapped in my homespun yarn. The dangles are a necklace that my son made for me. The lovely treasure kind, that you can't wear, (literally can't!) but are given with so much love that you cannot throw them out. It came from a large stash of these type of treasures. I call them LOVE TOKENS. They are better than the tokens at Chucky Cheese and I am quite wealthy in them.


  1. I laughed out loud when your blog reminded me of the time my mother was given by my younger brother a necklace of yarn that had a plaster-cast paperweight blob hanging from it that literally bowed her forward from its weight. She proudly wore it that day and must have lost the thing walking down our lane in the snow that winter as she went to retrieve our mail. After the spring thaw, my brother came running into the house with his find of the missing necklace and I remember my mother's face. A Mixture of happiness for him and sadness for herself :-)

  2. I know that exact feeling!! And since I live in Snow country, I will have to consider losing some things in the snow. (JUST KIDDING!)
    They really are treasures, and I know I will really need all of my
    LOVE TOKENS, someday when my children are grown