Thursday, January 7, 2010

Secrets in WART

We are still warting, my good sister and I, on into 2010. This last week we started feeling the Valentines Day pull. After making more hope bottles, (for which I am having many, too many ideas) I

pulled this old gas can out that I had found at the auction just a few weeks ago. It was so perfect.

Dean wanted me to give it to the couple whos wedding we were going to last Saturday, but I made it with him in mind and even though I don't know what he will do with it, I refused and let him think that I desperately want to post it on my (failure of an) Etsey shop, for sale. Not exactly a lie, but I will be more comfy after he opens it on Valentines Day.

Even a happy romantic secret shouldn't stay long between my Love and me. He is my Fire.

PS the small letters on the can say "rose is a rose is a rose." (Gertruid Stein)

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