Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chasing Daylight!

Winter Barn

I was talking to a friend on the phone when I saw how the barn looked thru the glass of water I was drinking, so I got the camera, and it looks like a kalidescope outer, with a periscope center.
Why can't I think of great titles for my art? I just never could, it really stresses me out. Whenever I see art and it's untitled I think, ha! just like me, had to get the art out there, but couldn't think up a good name for it. Then I will see some art with a good name, and I get title envy, like this great stone from Amy Komar. (see below)

This is True North,
by Amy Komar of Artist in the Arctic
This is so amazing, you can't see it in this photo because they are so tiny, but the stone has tiny flecks of mica or something in it and the whole thing is shiny in a subtle way, the heart stone was a bonus, but I was so surprised to find it in the package. Almost like, how did she know i collect heart stones?? Did someone tell her?? She is one of my favorite artists, and here is her link to her blog,


I like to picture her strolling along the seashore up there in Alaska, or a river, and finding this stone, and then after she added her touch, it gets mailed to me in upstate NY. And now rests on my window. Of course it is a northern window, if you cannot tell by the winter light trying to shine in my photo.

Horses with Hope and Butterflies
About Chasing Daylight,

Okay so that is not a new phrase. It happens to be a book I am looking for to read, but it also feels like my life, at this stage. What stage is that? The 2010 stage, although I am not sure it will last a whole year, I get to excited about new ideas for them to last very long.

Except the Year of Hope. Something about naming a year that makes that idea kind of last. Here is my latest hope art,

It's called horses with hope and butterflies.

Inspired because I am thinking about our horses a lot, since we are expecting them to become mommas very soon. Okay gotta go put puppy to bed, before snoring hubby rolls over and squishes. (not really puppys too big)

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  1. Two beautiful posts. I LOVE True North! I also love the barn in glass. I tend to like simple names to art. Like, I would call that something like, "barn in crystal", or "winter solitude", or "pause in time"...
    Another little tip I use when naming my art...I have learned not to over think it...I take the first name that presents itself in my mind, no matter how simple. I try to accept that as the name that the object wants to be called by no matter what I think of it. For instance, I once made a reversible apron for someone and it named itself, "The Two-Faced Harlot". I didn't approve and changed it to, "The Duplicitous Hostess" and have regretted it ever since. I have no clue why it would want to be named a harlot but it did! ;-) Susie~