Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I always used to be working on gratitude. I used to write thank you's for everything, and I mean everything given me. Then when my children started coming, I tried to teach them to be thankful, we made homemade cards for all the B-day gifts they were given, and we always matched Christmas card, for Christmas card. We said our thank you's at the cashier counter. And our bedtime prayers to the Great Giver. Somewhere in the busy life of a family that grew to 10, we lost track of some things, like if I actually sent out Christmas cards at all...it was a darn good year!! I worried that my children were not learning the same gratitude that I was taught as a child, I mean, at this point I am probably lucky that I am not forgetting any of their b-days...let alone even knowing who they owe birthday thank-you's to! In my thoughts I still kept grateful. I still gave and I still received in a gracious way. And it all goes on. It goes around me and thru me, and thru our family and children. I may have given up my type-A way of trying to train gratitude into my children for good. And I think it is for the better. I no longer "keep track" , and I am not teaching anyone to either. It is just spilling from an overflowing heart, and it is returned again.

BONUS! LOL! And probably our christmas card are from people who really actually like us!

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