Sunday, February 28, 2010

Studio Nesting

Nests and seeds
This is the honey color that I love, it feels safe and warm
The painting is from Mexico.
(We went to Mexico on a missions trip 6 years ago.)
I think it's great, the rose is painted so large it looks like it is falling out of the vase. One time, in a drawing class, my prof had us all draw roses, when he came around to look he told me my rose was not a rose, it was a peony and I needed to look at more photos of roses to learn what a rose looked like. I was drawing an ENGLISH ROSE, and they are so much more full, double or triple our regular rose petals, and of course...look exactly like a peony.

My collection of vintage suitcases, where I store all of my vintage paper that I use for projects.
I can draw a regular rose, but they are just not as much fun

This antique purfume bottle is twice as beautiful because it is from Paris.
Where I want to go someday soon. I will take a lot of photos to put here, for you all to see!

Studio Nesting
(I found this at the auction for only $10. It works. I'm thinking of naming her birdie)

I went around and took a few photos of the little areas in my house that really inspire me right now. Spending most of my time in the rest of the house, means that I need to find inspiration scattered around it, as I spend my day. Then when I have time to go to the studio, I find that I need my art-making area very plain, simple and straightforward.
What I do include, I realized, comes mostly from nature and usually is found by my children. The furniture is almost all from the auction house in our town. I love the challenge of an auction, and I also love the delayed gratification. I wait and watch for something specific, and then win it for a bid of 5, 10 or 40 dollars. So much better than a run to a shop and emptying our bank account.

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  1. I LOVE these photos!!! I can't say enough! Every vignette is just lovely.
    I love the honey colored walls. Our dining room/living room are a yellow tone called "Bee Pollen" and I have never tired of it.