Thursday, March 4, 2010


Today is one of those days. Yes, one of those.
I slept badly, left the house in a hurry, no breakfast,
all to get to a meeting...where no one was. I just hate that feeling,
wrong place, wrong day, whatever. I drove 30 minutes one way to miss a meeting.
So, I needed some calm, and maybe you do too. Here is some of mine to share.
Picture the 3 of them, munching sweet smelling hay,
their hooves crunching the white snow, their soft breathing sounds as they communicate with each other and you, their appreciation for their hay breakfast.
The way their eyes close slowly and sleepily as they relax
in the warming sunshine with a full belly.
Best of all, breath in their clean horsey scent.
A most aggreeable animal,
enjoy the calm.

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