Saturday, March 13, 2010

Coffeefilter tu-tus

This month, for fun, I entered a submission to Somerset Life. They put out a challenge for creative use of coffee filters. I instantly thought of tu-tus. I have some beautiful dancers in my family, and I am sure that is why... Anyway, I dyed a huge stack of them, with Wilton cake dyes. This is a trick taught to me by my friend Leslie. I have dyed fiber with Kool-aid before, but that was all, until she taught us how to dye with the cake coloring (for the frosting). I used it for the coffee fliters without any problems! As you can see it came out beautifully, the girls danced, I took photos, and then I went to mail them in to Somerset.

Uh, Oh. The baby realized her tu-tu was leaving, and begged for it to stay. So, only one went with the photos. And the baby still has hers to dance another day.


  1. what a fabulous momma you are!!! and what adorable little dancers!