Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sachets from our garden for a rainy day

This is the beautiful sewing machine that my dad bought for my mom the year I was born. Some of my first memories are of her sewing Christmas and birthday presents for my little sister and I. She taught me how to use it when I turned 7. I used to sew for hours. I remember sewing while the rest of the family watched TV, I would run in to see what they were laughing at, only to miss it and return to my bermuda jams and the dressings for the doll house I was designing. I modeled it after the queens doll house, which I saw in the National Geographic. Of course hers had electric and running water, with real windows and cars that really ran on gasoline (petrol!!) I was crushed when my dad would not consider cutting a hole in the wall in my bedroom on the side where I had designed my "doll-house" shelf. But I always had my sewing machine and new ideas for projects to console myself with. When I was engaged my mom gave me this machine, which had been living in my room for a few months already! She ended up with a model that did fancy stitches and I ended up with what my friends nicknamed "the outboard " (did I mention I grew up on Lake Ontario?) She does run kinda loud, but I would not trade her, 35 years old and counting...

Well, I am aiming for the Brooktondale Farmers Market for this summer and the season is about to start, so... the herbs we grew last summer, that did not get used for tea this winter are going into sachets for the farmers market. The little people helped pick out the fabric, and stuff them , it smelled heavenly in here and the colors sure looked like spring! If you can't read it, the little tags say "journey". I am going to do more another day with the supplies next to my beautiful machine.
We used vintage fabrics and some were recycled from clothes, only one was new, but the baby picked it!!

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