Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Nest

Here is the front of the camper, with art bins, moving in for the summer.

This is an art book I am working on for an anniversary for someone.

These are our toes, playing in the creek that is about 20 ft in front of the camper.
they are pink because it is April in NY, and the air is warm, but the creek still feels like melted snow. PS(that means cold)

More playing in Dolittle Creek.

A very serious uno game, meant to spark creativity and during which game you eat chocolate.
Then you make art.

The Nest

One of my first posts ever,(as in years ago), on another server, about the day we had our homeschool in our camper. It was in the spring and the buds and blossoms were coming out on the trees, and I had a little baby and I was nursing her there and reading out loud to the rest of the children and it just felt like a peaceful little nest. We have tried the camper in three new spots since then, abut nothing ever seemed to work, because we never used it after that, except once or twice. Well, I risked asking to have it moved one more time and my wonderful Hubby didn't even blink. (did I mention that the last time took a whole day and he blew a tire?)

It's way worse than furniture moving, when it involves vehicles, oh yah. Well, now it is in such a sweet spot that we have used it every day. It is my outdoor/indoor studio. I was sitting in it and all of a sudden I thought I can name it the nest. Later that day B and I ran over to the camper in the rain to eat Cadbury Eggs, and we startled a bird that was building a NEST over the window, then we went in side to listen to the rain and realised we were eating eggs and laughed SO HARD!!!! Here are the photos, from the getaway that we can't stay away from.

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  1. I LOVEEEE the Nest!!! I can't wait to see it in it's new location.

    The HideyHo is getting moved again as well. After camping down right on the water we decided that, even thought eh woods location is good, this particular view of the pond is just too wonderful to forgo so we are moving it down there and that is where the retreat will reside. I stayed overnight in it for the first time this past week...SO heavenly and comfy!