Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sunshine and Elbowgrease

These days have been so filled with sunshine. I have spring cleaned my self silly, and have not done much sitting still. Definitely not enough to create anything much. Fortunately, tomorrow is WART!!! Yeah! I will be warting in my vintage air stream camper, which is being set up as me wrm weather studio, by my dwarf workers who revere me and never say no and do not get tired of helping out . HA! After an important appointment in the A.M. I will squeeze enough time in to truck a few baskets of my art stash over. Then I will make some attempt at WARTING, before taking R to track practise. One bright spot in my day, as a result of watching all the spring cleaning going on (at least I think that it is why!) my hubby is taking me out to dinna! OH YA!
Just me, not the whole fam. I am getting spoiled.
My mom used to call all her spring cleaning-ness, elbow grease.
I would say, how am I supposed to clean...???
"Elbow grease."

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