Monday, July 19, 2010

baby shoe pin cushions/holders

okay this is for my momma, and I admit, that is me, that is my shoe, hee hee. I'm so goofy.
Two little tough girl sneaker pin holders. Antique buttons of course. I also replaced the shoelace on the one with some pretty pink ribbon.

These I did go overboard on and it was so much fun. Antique lace and buttons, wooden spool and tag say "sew". The fabric is repurposed from two vintage dresses, and the wool stuffing is from my sheep. Of course the shoes are all from my girls, I am looking for more tiny shoes, size 4 or smaller, prefer newborn. So if you have any let me know! Also, I would love to do some custom pin holders, so if you have a tiny treasure you don't know what to do with...give me a call.

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