Monday, July 19, 2010

Gypsy Cart updates!

This was my view out the window as I was resting in the gypsy cart on Sunday. The breeze was just right, and I watched while my hubby put the last touch on the door. (Next Photo)
What is the official spelling of gypsy? Or is it Gypsey? Which way is right?

My lovely hubby and son helping me to sweep up from the sawdust. It's so quick to clean. I hope I can really live in it some day. For now I will be happy to get the windows in so I can sleep in it without racoons attacking me! YES! A dastardly group of them came running after me the night I attempted to stay over with my daughter for her B-day. If I didn't have my DEWALT flashlight to shake at them I would've been at the clinic next day for rabies shots.

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  1. It can actually be spelled "gypsy", or "gipsy", and still be correct. Plural is "gypsies".

    At any's stunning!