Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day Book Entry

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW it's dark and quiet, slightly rainy, misty and very cool.

I AM THINKING sad thoughts. My love of my life isn't here tonight. I am not myself.

I AM THANKFUL FOR cool weather, and that my son's new calf finally took to her bottle.

FROM THE KITCHEN finished a jar of sundried tomatoes today. above see the next to start drying.

I AM WEARINGmy fav orange shirt from tractor supply, I love their clothes. Jeans. tye dyed socks, with ponytail in my hair

I AM CREATING a momento for my momma, out of one of the shirts I inherited from my grandpa.

I AM GOING to heal from my sad thoughts.

I AM READING"Bees" (it's a how to)

I AM HOPING my love gets home safely and is warm and dry tonight

I AM HEARING the thoughts in my head, going around and around

AROUND THE HOUSE kitchen is messy, but the rest looks nice, except the laundry, which is never done. (10 peeps in the house)

ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS spending time with my friend Becky. I am absolutley squished by love at her house.

PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK running out of week, but...mostly getting ready for 2 Bdays and 1 Wedding. Also my momma and daddy are coming over for dinner.


  1. One of the things I love and admire the most about you is how you take action to feed your soul when you are sad and down. You search for things to nourish and replenish. Hard days are never easy, but I love how you always try to take practical action.

  2. Susie, I miss you! I wish we could have gone on Sat. I hope we can soon.

  3. Hi Susie,
    This is my first stop at your place, You and I are a lot alike, my laundry is never done either-6 of us in this house..
    Love your blog :)