Monday, September 13, 2010

Hodge Podge Post!

LOOK!!! Okay, remember I am only buying 2nd hand for myself and my home? Well I completely scored! I was at the local fabric shop, where the owner herself cuts your fabric, and always has a little yard sale going in one of the rooms.
Last time I was there I scored a poloroid camera, in awesome shape, in it's original leather case. Well, anyway this time I found these tea towels, I picked them up because they are hand woven, and totally spotless.
The owner shared their history with me, they are 150 years old, and done by an ancestor of the Roosevelt family, which her husband decended from. I felt honored for her to share this with me, since her husband passed away 2 years ago, and this is the first time she has spoken about it with me.

Here is my latest book quilt, it is on the background of a Darwinian Science book, which I juxtaposed with a beautiful piece from a hymnal, and of course the hymn is one of Creation. Praising the creator God for all of His amazing works.

Here is a photo my son took of our home, it's the antique yarn winder, next to my favorite old rocker that we bought in the young days of our marriage. The little pillow in the chair my mom embroidered of the first tiny home they bought when I was very small, and I caught caterpillars (fuzzybears) in the yard. I remember showing them to my grandpa, I think he said something like, "I hope it's not poisonous!" HAHAHa That is a GOOD memory!

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