Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sending you some sunlight

I was standing by my kitchen window making soup for dinner. I love making soup this time of year, it's so satisfying to be chopping up veggies by a warm stove. And as I took these beautiful mushrooms out of the frying pan to go into the pot, I could not resist going outside to snap a photo of the way the peach tree leaves look against the blue of the gypsy cart.
Moments like these are gone too soon, and if you came over today you would not see any leaves left on the peach. Then as I took some photos the bus came and dropped off my daughter, the only one who goes to school. My son was unloading a heavy bag of grain and as I went to help him, I thought I was turning off my camera, but I was actually taking a picture!
I posted it just how it was taken, from the side. LOL!
Then one more of the sunlight spilling off the roof of the cart, on these grey days that stretch out too long, it's almost too much lovely to bear.

Saving it up, and remembering it.

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  1. SO poignantly beautiful! Can't wait to make a stay in the gypsy cart sometime. A lovely endeavor with son much heart poured into it.