Sunday, December 5, 2010

Here are some home-y pictures!

 Spinning some wonderful alpaca fiber that I picked up from the alpaca extravaganza in Syracuse.
 Awesome storm clouds heading our way from the Bardens hill.  Wait until I post one WITH snow!
 Straining the honey that we extracted from the Obers bee hive.  Delicious! The whole family got into it, we had the extractor going until late at night.  Some arms got tired, but the fun part was having to weigh down the table while it spun.  The kids faces were stick with honey and the very air was delicious.  After licking ourselves off, and showers, we finally tucked into bed with close to SIX GALLONS of honey.  We were so glad to accept payment in-you guessed it.  HONEY!
This is just one of me that Dean took, to show off my new jewelery! 

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