Monday, December 6, 2010

Interesting shots

 I love this even though its blurry, a mini momma at hard work, loving and hugging and rocking her baby!
 On the train ride with Santa, so much fun, love this awestruck face, Christmas magic in the making!
 The train track side of the city is beautiful in a shabby-city-chic way, loose paint, broken bricks, guerrilla art, abandoned to the weather. Lovely historical buildings I had to take them all home with me in my camera!
The locks at the old bridge that we crossed, don't look straight down when you are on a train track over a 80 foot high bridge!  You not only go cross-eyed, you might have a bad dream---whoooh! I have to admit I took this from my seat, and not hanging out the window like DEAN DID!!!! (not really)(he just got as close as he possibly could)

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