Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Daddy's little climbers

Can't wait for the climbing trip although I am not doing any climbing this time!  I can hike and I hope there will be SUN.   I will take lots of pictures, I promise.  I have never been to Nevada, either, and I wonder if they have any thrift stores? Does anybody know? I would love to be known as the tourist who goes to Vegas for the vintage pyrex and linen napkins. Tee Hee. I think it would make a good movie, even.
Wart this week is going to be very interesting, we are doing a heritage project.  My Grandpa, that just passed away, my Grandma, that died in 2001, and my Great Grandma Krempa all left behind little things that we collected up and are now sewing into aprons and a quilt for my mom. (Aprons are for her sisters, as my Mom already has hers, see the post on it in my archives)  I am excited to take these hoarded up treasures and make one piece that will represent my mom, and who and where she came from, this is really about her, and not the ones that we have lost, for me, and I just want to treasure my wonderful momma!

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  1. I am originally from Las Vegas and know they have some. My parents and sister still live there. If you are going to be close I could get some addresses. You can email me at mayasmom23 at aol dot com.