Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Art

Making things that I normally would never do...for some reason is a theme lately for me.  I decided to do this
shadowbox almost without thinking. Not sure why, but it seemslike some of the best projects I have done in the last months are things I didn't expect to start.  What A happy Surprise!  What does this mean? Any ideas, anybody??

 This purse is out of a box from a gift of cologne, it was so shiny, I couldn't use the flash at all, metallic siver, ZING!!!!
 The people are all vintage, chopped forever from their vintage magazines. They are viewing Paris, and it's called the French Occupation.  Since I am preoccupied with thoughts of Paris, and other parts of France.  (Not because I thought that France has ever occupied another country!)
Okay, and here I am in my spot, making art, with a headache.  Sort of art or bust kind of mode.  Micah snapped it and she is one of those picture takers who likes to wait and wait and wait.  Can't wait for tomorrow, both of my favorite vintage cameras are loaded.  I will probably use up both rolls, I haven't taken any "old" pictures in so long.  Hope for a dry day-has to be outside, no flashes-of course.  might help the headache too!

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