Friday, May 13, 2011

Home and Hiking

I just can't tell you how much of a difference one and a half weeks of good weather can do!  We are all energized, looking and learning new things.  Eating wild and getting gardens ready.
 This is such a little hobit. I met in the woods one day on a hike in the Fingerlakes area.

 The object of interest is pictured below, a beautiful little orange salamander.  I think of my mom everytime I see my children get excited over some small creature or plant.  She really taught me to love the natural world and I tried to pass it on.  I guess it stuck so far!

Fiddleheads, which I guess turn out to be lovely in salad or stir-fry.  so far these are only in a photo, I am not sure which ones are the edible type!

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  1. the edible type are the ones with the brown "papery" covering, not the ones with the fibery white covering. Took me awhile to get that straight. Also, the edible ones are identified by a very obvious concave ridge along one side of the stem, as opposed to the stem being smooth all down it.