Monday, May 9, 2011

Wild food, calm afternoons, and the latest project

 We have been getting into eating seasonally, for practical reasons as well as the fun!  The ramps on our farm are abundant, delicious and fun to gather.  When we eat pasta with this pesto, the children don't need anything else. The tummies love it!
 These are the gift bags that I sewed with Blessing for the tutors in the program that the children are in, we filled them with bath salts and homemade soap that our friend, who is a wonderful soap-maker does.  She just got her own soap studio and I can't wait to smell more of it!  Becky put in the soap and some lip balm, everything realxing for the tutors end-of-the-year gifts!
We made the bags out of dishtowels, and the pocket on the front is a vintage handkerchief, the pile of all eleven of them was so sweet I wanted to hug it!

 Here I am with Susie and Sara on our relaxing afternoon.  We sipped tea and admired perfect linens at "shades of white" a tiny, but worth it, shop in P.A.  The garden was adorable, and the owners hubby raises rare breed poultry, which we admired from her porch.  They were well behaved poultry, which I have almost no experience with.  Being a farmer with lots of chicken experiences of the opposite kind!  Look at that tea-cosy, so elegant!
 The pretty garden at shades of white.
My good friend, what an amazing restful day we had!

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