Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thinking...about the life of an artist


Take a look at the excellent quote above!

I am thinking, today, about the life of an artist. Sometimes not much art happens, my babies are little, my house is little, my projects get stopped and blocked, not supported.  My ideas are stuffed, my art supplies are starting to feel like a stash, and myself like a dragon-enjoying them only by looking at them and sitting on them in my cave!!! In birth, there is a transition, and before new art will really become flowing, my life will adjust again, to the new baby, to less space than ever, but then, slowly the creative spirit that was placed in me will have the time, the rest and maybe just a little bit of space to put forward again the ideas that pour into my mind.  Then my creative spirit will feel restful again, instead of wistful, but I will not regret the time with my babies.

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