Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More days outside...pondering

I thought that I would share some more photos of outside, we have spent so much of our time outside, because of the new greenhouse.  I am pondering many things about life.  So many things to be thankful for, and unfortunately, so many things that I have worried about that do not matter. Letting it all go, and enjoying these days with the littles.  Thinking about my oldest  graduating, spreading her wings.  It has happened so slowly, so close to me that it feels natural, I am happy-sad, and not feeling bad about it.  There is an afterglow, and I am standing outside of it.  She is shining, time to smile and wave.

 And then there are the littles, my next chances, my life in the fast lane. Hee Hee!  Keeping the dirt out of her mouth is a full time job.  getting a permission list ready to post soon.  No art lately. Soon,  Leave me a comment, pretty please. I wish I could hear from you.

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