Friday, June 8, 2012

Mismatched threads

Sewing this week, such beautiful weather lately, here is a secret pocket in the Laurabag I made.  Such a grannie-fabulous bag!  Laura is not a grannie, and neither am I, but it just happens to be that we both love handmade, and vintage!

 This shot shows the great Irish linen piece that I lined the bag with, I went for a sort-of potato sack shape, because of the irish linen, just to compliment the irish in me!
 Two girls very happy with their twirly new handmade play dresses! I should call them three tablecloths and a sheet, but that is too long.  I did have a wonderful time using some of the vintage I was saving for these, and I hope to do about a million more of them. (7 girls in the family!)
 I also used mismatched thread, which made me think of a memory, from one of the few classes I liked at my cultishly weird school.  Homemaking.  I remember being told that they were looking forward to having me, since they heard I was great with the sewing machine. I remember being pleased, feeling useful, maybe needed, maybe expert! (I was about 12 years old)  Then the class started, and they tried to teach me how to sew using the pattern.  With pre-stitch, stitching, and every arrow very pertly cut out, and always the thread matched to the fabric.  I sewed uncomfortably according to the rules, waiting to get a chance to sneak my machine back home to sew with mismatched thread in private peace.  In college, one of my professors always said, paint in a painterly style, if it looks like a camera did it, then what is the point? Might as well take a photo and sve yourself the effort.  I think the same thing applies in handmade.  as tiny as it might be, little details like mismatched thread can make a handmade piece proudly say, "I was handmade!"
Dizzy falling after twirling.  A dress is only a good dress if it twirls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love your style daughter! You are so creative and you are always a bird out of the cage. Love you, Mama

  2. Hand made and vintage - does it get any better than that? I need to have you sew some things for me. We'll talk. Enjoying all of your entries and the photos are priceless. Love you, Aunt Sallie

  3. I love your handmade items. Keep being creative in big and small ways, when and however you can. Your family is AWESOME.