Sunday, August 26, 2012

august memories

Picking blackberries, scratched up legs, dodging under "bob-wire" fences, slapping at horseflies, noticing little treasures in nature all along the way. I used to get creeped out every year walking into these webs in the middle of a field, with my grandpa who couldn't resist a promising "patch". We would be driving along scoping the sides of the road as only an avid hunter would understand!  Once we found a good place to pull off we were everygrandpa or grandchild for themselves!!   He would get carried away, finding berries so fast we wouldn't be able to keep up him. Then, with the only adult out of sight our wild imaginations would picture every bear and mountainlion that Grandpa was telling us stories about the night before.  He would get so excited after we were done, he would say, "Jenny, now your momma has enough berries to make us a pie!" (thanks momma!)  And the dust from the dirt road would fly up behind us as he hurried back for the pie our mouths were all watered up for.  Grandpa has been gone for years now, but my own little people regularly scour our woods and fields so well that somedays the birds scold them from the trees! We found this spider in our own back yard, but it brings the memories!!!!  Love you, my berry picking, story telling Grandpa!!


  1. This background is very "you"! We all have some great memories...