Saturday, August 25, 2012

quiet post

I thought this looked so pretty, my project, my antique lace wrapped around spools of thread, and little glass nobs on top. There is not much space in the room, but we recently rearrainged and I found little nooks to put pretty things into. Today has been a quiet day.  I forgot some important things.  I felt bad about it and I apologized right away.  It usually would ruin my day, and I would run around grumpy, frantically trying to make up for it.  Not so much any more.  I do try my best not to forget, and I cannot control the reactions of others when I do, but my life doesn't depend on it.  Life is too short, and life is worth refusing to hold grudges. Even grudges against my own self. Bye, self loathing for not being perfect. lol!!!!

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  1. Something we all need to do, move on and not beat on ourselves.