Saturday, August 18, 2012

"You make a lot of beautiful things"

I am the type of person who gets ideas.  I also instigate others to use their ideas. I can't sit still. I dream it, i try it.   The whole, have a baby and Lyme disease at the same slowed me down. Way down.  I was starting to wonder if.  And lots of what ifs???  And what shoulds???  Dividing my time as wife, momma and creative person seems almost impossible to me at the best times.  Whatabout when I am pretty disabled?  Many questions going thru my mind, and no answers.

Well, today, a guest at our B&B came to the farmers market where we have a stand, and when I am healthy feeling, and I can, I still show up some Saturdays.   This guest had a message for me, and I needed to hear it.  He listed the B&B cottage that My husband and I built with our children, where he had stayed the night before, then he listed our children, then he included my merchandise for sale at our stand, and he said, "You make a lot of beautiful things." 

I drove home from market smiling. I have a 1 year old, (again), I am still recovering from Lyme disease, along with my baby and I may not paint again for a while, I am not going to be as creativly productive as I have been in the past, but for now I feel satisfied

I make a lot of beautiful things.

Miss Rumphius, I hope you heard that!

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