Friday, August 24, 2012

a LARGER than average life

all the children, except our baby
So. You have 9 children?? big pause, as the speaker makes one of those faces one makes when eating something distasteful.
 "Yes." (me) trying to sound nonchalant.
 Are you Mormon?  Are they all yours?  Are you Amish? Are you masochistic? Are you crazy? You WHAT??!!

We have a larger than average life. Nine children, ranging from college age to age 1.  A family business that keeps us hopping at home, a farm, with chickens, sheep, horses and cows.  Homeschooling 7 out of our 9 little people.  Making art, on my own, and together.
 I might NOT have big chunks of time, lots of money to spend, a big house, a big budget or a big TV. 
What I do have seems like enough. God given blessings. A home thats full of peace and love. A  healthy family that likes to eat together. A tired Ford Expedition that runs around to everything from birthdays, to auctions, to farms, to soccer games, to the grocery store.  one miraculous little bathroom that keeps on going. Neighbors that love on us.  Friends who encourage us.  A husband who still dreams right alongside me.  A heart that is growing bigger every year to capture it all in.

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