Tuesday, December 18, 2012

YAY, I can post again

So happy to be posting and able to put my words onto my blog again. I guess Frontier deserves a "thank you"! The internet appears to have been fixed.  Here is a photo of my latest project, I bought a load of vintage cameras last weekend, and they are going up on the etsy shop.  Well...most of them are, some of them are staying here, at my house, with my other lo-fi snappers. I have some 35mm in an old Kodak right now, I lOOOOOVE how that shutter sounds.  Check the awesome case above, so old and even the hinges are just the right rusty-ish, but working. Nice, I think that even though the weather is rainy and I am not up to 100%. (see prev. lyme posts) I am adventuring in my own way, now for some elevensies.
Vintage cameras on Etsy, "forgetmenotfarm" shop


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