Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Paris in 2013

 Once upon a time there was this larger than average family, and they started out as just a young man and woman in love.  They met in high school and since they fell so deeply in love, decided to get married sooner than later, because some things you just know.
 The young man had grown up on a dairy farm, and was a steady kind of dreamer, they both rode horses, and the woman was a bit of a crazy artist girl, the kind that you can give hempseed lotion to for Christmas and she really will like it.
 They wrote stories of their life together, they read the newspaper in bed every Sunday afternoon, especially the comics and had picnics with real baskets and sometimes candles, sometimes even in the winter. 
The couple had a daughter, then a few years later the family started growing so fast that even the grandparents had trouble keeping up with who was who and what was happening in the busy family. Living on a farm way out in the countryside, the family grew more, with two adoptions and another birth, the larger than average family felt complete.  So, the young man and woman, who were still quite young, started to dream.
 Dreaming of a twenty year anniversary spent in Paris. Why Paris? Because their love is so big still and Paris represents the most romantic, biggest love that the couple could think of. Marriage is not only dreams and candles, but hard work and a good amount of sacrifice, and the couple had not been the easy road only, but some of the hard road too.  Only they were still on the Marriage road, and so many couples were not any more, so the trip to Paris represents more than a feeling, but a whole loving, and difficult journey, and the celebration of where they were on their journey
 Then something happened that made the couple believe that Paris was not meant to be, another baby was on the way.  Another girl was born, into a family full of girls, and two boys, this baby meant that the love was still big, but also that there were more bills, and no room in the family cars, and no more bedroom spaces!
 And, no money to save and put away for a romantic anniversary trip to Paris, which was starting to feel like it had all been a silly, irresponsible dream for parents of such a larger than average family. The couple stopped thinking of special anniversarys and started making room for baby, and went on paying bills and doing the chores and homeschooling a bunch of the children.
So, the couple in love, named the baby for love, and called her Paris, believing Paris had come to them, instead.
Only... a year or so later when the dream of travelling to Paris had not faded, and was still mentioned, but in a vague maybe someday sort of way, a friend came and told them of a place to stay in Paris.  A place that was a possibility and the couple started looking at plane ticket prices and thinking of Paris as an anniversary again, as well as a daughter that was named for love.
So this couple in love, with a larger than average family, is reaching for the moon and even though it is not spiritual or practical, somehow,  it is wise and it is right.
 Though bad things happen all over in the world, and the couple are parents who have a lot of bills to pay every week, and are fully responsible for their family, they are still are the young man and woman in love, and they started out as just two, and even though there are expenses and worries to worry they have started to plan their trip with the feeling that this should happen.


  1. I sure hope the parents of the larger than average family get to go to Paris this time!

  2. This is really sweet! We should help make it happen!